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About the Tours (owned and operated by Alaska Tour Adventures) is proud to partner with a reputable Alaska tour company so that we can bring the opportunity to our website visitors to experience Northern Alaska at it's finest. Our visitors have overwhelming stated an interest in touring Northern Alaska so here it is!!! The best of Northern Alaska adventures!!!!!


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Some facts to ponder regarding "The North Slope"

Like the Dalton Highway, Deadhorse exists to support oil operations in Prudhoe Bay. While the official population is 25, the town boasts a non-permanent population of 2,000-3,000 employees of the various oil operations. Like Coldfoot and the camp at Mile 60, the facilities for visitors are the same as those built to house construction workers for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. All facilities are simple, prefabricated buildings which were brought to Deadhorse on barge or via the Dalton. Commodities, having to be shipped great distances, are expensive.

No direct access to the Arctic Ocean, which is 10 miles away, exists from Deadhorse. Special advanced access/tours via oil field personnel permission requiring photo ID and right of refusal may visit Prudhoe Bay. Not all tours reach the Bay.

The distance from Prudhoe Bay to Washington DC is 3594 miles. The distance to the Alaska state capital is 938 miles. (as the crow flies) Prudhoe Bay is positioned 70.28 degrees north of the equator and 148.37 degrees west of the prime.

As of the 2012 census, the population of the was 2,174 people; however, at any given time several thousand transient workers support the Prudhoe Bay oil field. The airport, lodging, and general store are located at Deadhorse; the rigs and processing facilities are located on scattered gravel pads laid atop the tundra. 

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